Monday, July 23, 2012

Dress Up

Annie loves to dress up. If I knew she liked it so much I would have probably invested in some dress up clothes for her but for now she's happy with putting on as many of her clothes as she can at once, taking them off, and then putting them on again.

okay, I admit, she didn't do or ask for this but I'm just thrilled she has enough hair to play with now!

She loves to put bows in her hair...lots of bows. Every morning she runs over to her bows and wants to pick out her bow for the day.

Going for a run in Mommy's new running shoes!

Apparently she wears glasses when she plays the piano

I hesitated putting this picture on here but it's just too funny to pass up. I'm in the process of refinishing our dresser and as a result we have some drawers just laying on the ground in our room. Annie found my "workout" underwear (don't worry, it's NOT lingerie) and decided she knew how to put it on...don't ask me whose example she's following...

putting in Daddy's ear plugs

Going swimming! She does this ALL the time. I had to hide her bathing suits because she was stretching them out so bad from putting them on and taking them off over and over again...

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  1. Ha! She is so funny! I love the Mr. Potato head glasses!!