Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Every year our neighborhood does a fun Easter egg hunt for all the kids. Would you believe that for about 3 blocks. Each house had to put out 78 eggs each?!?!? Believe it, we love us some kiddos here.

 Annie was so excited to collect the eggs

 It took a few home but she learned quick that she could only get one egg per house.

 Annie's Easter dress (I paid $2.03 for this beauty!!!). She's started this new cheese face whenever we take pictures now.

 Such a goof!

 Singing "Once there was a snowman" while drinking juice at the same time. Such a multi-tasker...

 "small, small, small"

After church, we had a yummy Easter dinner at Jared's parents house. Complete with an Easter egg hunt and plenty of time playing with the cousins.

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