Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Animal Days

Every year, a place up in Logan (The American West Heritage Center), holds a baby animal days. I decided this would be a fun year to take Annie. My mother-in-law made the drive with us and I don't think Annie could have been any happier!

watching the baby colt

peeking at the baby sheep

these were her favorite by far. She wanted to see the baby sheep twice

The piglets were a little scared of all the kids. There are actually 5 of them hiding in that corner.

Pigmy goats

waiting patiently to pet the baby ducklings

Old wagon pose

watching the ponies

There were tons of other things that we missed out on (baby bears, little turtles, etc.) but we did watch a sheep get sheared, watch a lady spin wool, get some kettle corn, and eat out at Juniper Takeout. After our adventures in Logan, we headed to Tremonton to visit my sister-in-law and her kiddos. Annie is obsessed with her new baby cousin Thomas.

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  1. Baby Animal Days is by far my favorite spring event in Cache Valley. It is a keeper for sure. It looks like the weather cooperated with you too. That's always a bonus.