Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summer Days

Meema and Bumpa came for a visit prior to Annie's Birthday and though it wasn't quite that warm out just yet, our neighbors were playing out in the sun in their swimming pool and we decided to take Annie out for some fun.
Don't you just LOOOVE those legs!!!

She wasn't a fan of the pool. It just wasn't warm enough outside for the hose water to feel like anything but ice water and she panicked every time we put her in the water but she did like to play with the water in a bucket.

At the beginning of the summer we found this great BBQ place called Moore's Halibut House in Harrisville, UT. AHHMAZING!!!! Their halibut is to die for and their prices are fabulous. We just got a platter for 4 and there was enough left over for lunch the next day. 

Playing with Bumpa

Helping Dad wash the car. She loves to play with the hose. Sticks it right in her mouth like she knows what to do with it.

This pictures doesn't have any special event tied to it but I thought it summed Annie up just perfectly. She loves to walk through this space between our island in the kitchen and a chair we have backed up to it. She has such a happy demeanor and I feel so lucky to have her. It makes being a Mom SOOO worth it. She makes me laugh all day. I love her to pieces!

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