Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meema's Visit

Boy is this post a long time comin'. My Mum came to visit us back in April for some fun girl time.
She flew in on Easter...hence the Easter basket in the background.

We did lots of playing. Our biggest goal was to finish Annie's quiet book. And I must say it is turning out rather darling but MY GOODNESS it's a lot of work. This is why you haven't seen a finished picture of it's till in my craft room, waiting to be sewn together ;) I promise you'll get pictures when it's finished.

We also managed a trip to IKEA
Don't you love this picture?????
These are ingenious. I went into the handicap stall to use the restroom and they had this funny seat on the back of the door. I had Annie in my arms (don't ask what I was planning to do with her while I used the restroom, I don't think my mind had thought that through), and started laughing hysterically when I got in there. My Mum was in a different stall, and I'm sure she thought I was nuts. Seriously funny. I'm not sure Annie knew what to do about it.

At one point Mum had Annie laughing so hard, she fell over backwards...such a nut!

A trip with Meema just isn't complete without a few trips to Nielsen' just wouldn't be right ;)

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