Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Annie's One!!!!!!

I'll eventually get to posting her stats from her 12 month checkup and some fun parlor tricks she's picked up but for now, I'll just post her party. My Mum and Dad came to visit for a week and Mum helped me prepare for the party. As usual I planned on going way over the top. If you ask me, it was a success. I couldn't have done it without my parents here that's for sure! Most the pictures speak for themselves ;)... warning, there are a TON of pictures.
the invitation, made of course using my new Silhouette SD :) :) :)
Mum working diligently on the tissue paper pom poms while I finish up Annette's birthday was fabulous... I'll post that one soon.
I had to add this because Jared came home from work, went into the bedroom, then promptly came out claiming some jelly fish had mated in our bedroom.... I don't even know where he gets this stuff :) but I love it!

making homemade marshmallows! So fabulous!!! They taste so much smoother than the store bought stuff.

The Banner... you might have to click the picture and see a close up to get the full effect.
The spread, from left to right: fruit placed in cups with a spoonful of fruit dip on the bottom, starburst jelly beans, nuts, vanilla cupcakes w/ fresh strawberry buttercream frosting, caramel/chocolate dipped pretzels, homemade marshmallows, chocolate cupcakes w/ almond buttercream frosting...YUM!
Each tulip held the monthly picture I took of her on the quilt I made her.

The marshmallows (we're taking the leftovers with us camping, I'll let you know how they toast up)
I must note that this frosting was sooooo delicious. I could have eaten it on a graham cracker all day...or even just by the spoonful ;)

such a stinker... the headbands don't make it for very long anymore. I keep willing her hair to grow, but nothing happens.
Jared's poor friend. He loves Annie to pieces but today she wasn't having any of it. We think maybe since he rode up to the party on his Harley that she was a bit startled. She usually loves him.

Grandma & Grandpa Griffin!

Blowing out the candle!
It took her a minute to get started.
but once it began
it went quick
before we knew it, half the cake was gone...

Annie helped set up for the party

in the aftermath of her washing... she wasn't very thrilled with me :)


  1. It was fun! Better start planning now for her second birthday . . . ;-)

  2. How FUN!!! Happy Birthday Little Annie! I love the decorations, you've got to do it at least once with your kids....have a grandiose birthday party for a one year old :) Some day Katie, I want to learn some of your crafting expertise!! I am still LOVING all the fun things you made for Tessa! I get compliments all the time on the car seat cover!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it....and everything she now has because of your crafting genius :)
    Miss you guys!

  3. What a party! I can't believe you went all out like that - I wonder how many years/kids you can go through before you burn out. Impressive! Very impressive. Sort of want you to come do by dog's party. Maybe?