Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mum's Christmas Present

I had been sitting on this idea for the past couple of years and I finally found the time to actually put it to paper. It's a family tree magnet board. The idea was found here. All in all, it actually didn't take all that much time to make. I thought about making one for Jared's Mom but the thought of having to make 25 (almost 26) magnet faces was a bit daunting, not to mention I would have to magnify the tree or there would be grandchildren growing out of the ground ;)

Here was the final product. I LOVED doing autumn colors instead of bright ones. It's just more "Mum"...
Shout out to Jared who handcrafted the frame for me. He's such a handy hubby!

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  1. This is really cute. You are just cranking out the crafts. I'm so jealous:)