Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family and Friends

So I could split this into a couple of different posts but they all happened within a week of each other and it just seems silly to create a new post for every one.

Before we left for WA, my best friend from high school came over for a visit with her little Tacey. Annie and Tacey are just 2 months apart.

 haha I love the look on Annie's face in this picture. Tacey felt the need to keep grabbing at Annie's shirt it was so cute.

Then Tacey thought Annie needed to learn how to roll over and that she would need a really close look to get it right...we're working on it Tacey :)

Thanks for visiting Mal! It was so good to see you!

 While in WA, Annie got to meet her Uncle Kyle for the first time. He's such a sucker for these little girls!

 Then Annie got some good game time in with Bumpa. This little one scares me, she loves to watch t.v. I hope she grows out of it!

I'm pretty sure she's teething. It's a crack up, she'll go to town on your thumb if you let her. But beware you might be soaked with drool before she's done with you!

 Then we got spend some quality time with cousins Chloe and Charlotte!

 Chloe just loves to hold Annie.

 Kisses from Bumpa!

 Then we got a visit from my friend Tifanie from high school. She has a sweet little baby girl named Mariko who is so super cute!

 Again with the'll get there Annie :)

It was rough coming home after this trip. I'm pretty sure Annie wasn't put down once. Let's be honest, can you blame anyone?!? She's just so cute!

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