Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bountiful Peak

Jared and I love to camp. Before we had Annie, we vowed that we would keep on camping no matter how many kids and no matter how young they are. Mind you we know are limits, sometimes it's just too cold, we're not abusive. This particular night we just went up for a bonfire but it was so fun and Annie is just mesmerized by the fire. She's such an awesome and easy going baby, I love it!

 Apparently our wood was a home as well as good firewood. They came pouring out of this sucker for quite awhile...whoops!

 Watchin' the fire...

 Snugglin' with Dad

 Droolin' on Mom...

Jared eventually fell asleep like this... love it. 

We love coming into these mountains. We have it down to a "T" now. See those Tupperwares in the background. They have everything we need except food. We just toss them into the truck bed and hit the road. It's so nice to be able to just get up and go.

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