Monday, October 11, 2010

Conference Traditions

Every conference weekend I try and come up with a craft to keep my hands busy while I listen to conference.

I live for this weekend. It's the only weekend when I really have the excuse to just stay home.

So this time, I had a list, and some ambitions. Luckily, just as most do, those tender loving elders voices lulled my little sweet pea right to sleep at the beginning of every session. So here is what I whipped out this year.

My ward is in charge of a secret santa this year and as the ward humanitarian leader they asked me to put together some quilt kits for people to get quilted by November 1st. So since, that's not really an exciting picture, I didn't picture it but it got done!

Next, I finally finished Annie's quilt!

 I got lazy with the binding so if you look close, don't judge me, I didn't have the time or patience to hand stitch it. Though I love how it turned out. The salmony pink squares are a chenille fabric and add a ton of fun texture.

What's Halloween without a fun Halloween outfit. This is why I have a little girl. Heavenly Father knew that I needed some good creative outlets and what better than to dress up your fabulously cute little girl :)  I found the pattern at a local craft store and you just make the skirt and sew it to the onesie. I added the tulle and used fabric paint to stencil on the witches hat and of course added the fun button. The shoes...oh the shoes. I love them. I got that pattern from the same place as her shoes from her blessing day. And of course what's a little girl to do without a matching bow.

No worries, the first time this outfit makes it on her...there will be pictures!

And let's not forget, the first session on Sunday is always accompanied with some yummy homemade cinnamon rolls (not pictured, we ate them that fast!)

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  1. Can't wait to see the photos of this Halloween outfit. Too cute. Love that you like to do projects during conference. I do too. One day I'll get mine posted on my blog. That would require me to take photos...which I never remember to do.