Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Weekend On "The Rock"

For those of you who fly frequently, you know that it's always a smart idea to be a part of major airline's mailing lists. A few months ago I received an email announcing 50% off tickets from Salt Lake to Seattle....I honestly called like 3 people and sent out all these emails making sure people didn't miss out on the sale. I bought tickets of course and these next few pictures are of my weekend home.

The first night I was home, my mom hosted a YW sleepover at her house. With crafts involved how could I resist. You can kind of tell by the first picture what they are. These are those bound notebooks that have been modge podged with super cute paper and then using eyelets create a couple of holes where you can place a ribbon around the whole thing to keep it closed. I found out this weekend that they changed the YW Theme and added another value: Virtue. The value project is to read the scriptures while keeping a journal. This was the purpose behind the craft. Such a cute idea!

Among favorite pastimes when I'm home is putting together puzzles with family. As far as I can remember, this tradition started during Christmas' and my mom, my aunt, and I would put puzzles together and chat while somehow a brother managed to steal a puzzle piece so he could be the one to put in the final piece. I really wasn't doing this alone, my mom snapped the picture.

Along with being able to visit with my parent's and brother, I also get to spend some quality time with my "too cute for words" nieces! I feel like a terrible aunt for not capturing a picture of Chloe but I did manage a few of Charlotte. The second picture was my attempt to keep a headband in her hair...the first picture is of her trying to remove it...start 'em young ladies, start 'em young.

Charlotte has some cute tricks up her sleeves and one of my favorites is when she blows kisses! I captured some cute video of this but unfortunately don't know how to turn it upright. SO CUTE!

This was at Charlie's 1st Birthday Party and all the kids got these cute party favors. We gave her one figuring she wouldn't get the idea. My dad tried and all she did was suck on it...he turned his back and she started doing it. We just had to capture it on camera!

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