Friday, March 13, 2009

My New Temple Bag...Adventures in Purse Making

Ok so I try and be really crafty in all the realms of craftyness. We were at a friends house the other day and she was showing off this TOO CUTE tote that her mom made as a temple bag for her. I decided at once that I needed one. So I found out where her mom bought the pattern, I bought my fabric, and in ONE day (yes one, I'm quite was Sunday) I whipped out this FABULOUS tote!

This actually isn't exactly like the pattern. I altered it a little bit because the original pattern just has one fabric on the outside but I wanted to add the band on the bottom to give it a bit more "pop" I think if I made another one it wouldn't take as long seeing as I was altering the original pattern and I had to spend quite a bit of time thinking about it. There were a few moments I had to go back and unstitch...those were not highlights.

Here are some shots of the inside. If you look really close at the yellow you can see my first ever attempt at quilting a pattern of swirls on the fabric...there is reason I decided to embark on this adventure for the lining. It also has pockets on the inside so I can store that I think about it, this would pass quite well as a diaper bag too. I'm thinking (emphasis on thinking) of making and selling these. You think there would be any takers?