Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yay for new blogs!

Ok so I've decided to start a new blog... Just Inkin' Around. This blog is going to be dedicated to all my crafts that have anything to do with stamping. I've been thinking about becoming a Stampin'Up! demostrator and I'm just inches away from taking the plunge. Tell me what you think. If I have classes and workshops will you come? Check out my new blog!


  1. I wish I could come! You've probably already heard of this idea, but I'll share it anyway. I've been part of a "Stampin' Club" in years past, where there are 10 or so members and you meet each month. Each person has to place an order of $15 (or whatever times the number of members equals the lowest tier for free stuff) and each member gets a turn at being the hostess. At the monthly meeting, the demonstrator (you) shows how to make three (or so) projects and everyone gets to make one of each. It's a lot of fun and makes it a little easier than having to book parties all the time. I hope it works out for you. I love Stampin' Up, but I haven't done much with it in the past few years.

  2. You know I'll come if I can make it there!