Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wyatt's Blessing Day

Since Annie was blessed in Utah, we decided to bless Wyatt in WA at my parent's home ward. So in January we flew our little family up to Bainbridge. Opportunity presented itself and we had my brother's youngest blessed the same morning. The blessings were perfect! Here's our little photo shoot after church.

Our little family
Daddy and Wyatt

Wyatt & Chyla (pronounced shyla)
Sweet little Chyla
 Something was funny between these two, apparently Wyatt was the only one in on it though.

Meema, Bumpa, & Wyatt
Jared, Dad & Wyatt
Jared, Rodney & Wyatt
Rodney, Jared, Annette & Wyatt

Drew, Neal, Dad & Wyatt

Wyatt & me!
Drew, Jillian, Me, Jared, Chyla & Wyatt
Bumpa, Meema, Chyla & Wyatt

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