Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm sitting on the potty

I decided that when Annie turned two, I would start the potty training process. Since her birthday falls in the middle of the summer and we had a bunch of road trips planned, I decided to wait until all our trips were done to "hit the grind". I did some research online and decided to go with the "potty train in a day" method. Now, I knew that it wasn't really going to happen in just one day but we went with it.

Annie's new big girl panties!
The chart I made that she got to place a sticker on every time she went potty.

We used this potty in the kitchen and also the "big" potty just in case there wasn't enough time to book it to the bathroom, I was very pregnant at this point, remember?
Honestly, who is potty training who?
The completed chart!
 We did it! It took more like a couple weeks to really get it down but I'd say it went pretty well.

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