Friday, December 30, 2011

NO NO NO!!!!

It was snowing and I was so excited to show Annie the snow falling so I lifted her up and opened the blinds so she could watch the snow. Her eyes got wide and she quickly let out a very cute "whoa". Now I might consider my arms strong but she's 23 lbs now and I don't care how strong you are, you can't just stand there forever. So eventually I put her down but every time I put her down I would hear a prompt "NO". I'm used to hearing that these days as yes and no tend to be one and the same so I just ignored it and went into the kitchen. She ran after me, grabbed onto my apron strings, drug me back to the window, pointed outside yelled "NO NO NO".

Lightbulb moment..."no" is now synonymous with yes, no, and SNOW. She was yelling snow and wanted to watch it more.

I gave in, let my child be hazardous and enjoy about 30 minutes standing on that chair watching the snowfall. Her father would be so proud... he counts the snowflakes until he can go snowmobiling :)

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