Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Logan Holiday Gift Show

So I mentioned this show in a previous post but realized I never really posted about it.
The Booth

Items pictured above (you may have to look close): tutus (hanging on the left), little guy tie onesies, stenciled onesies, christmas tree onesies, onesie dresses, carseat covers, hair bows, hair flowers, etc.
Items sold included: brain squeezers (baby headbands, top left), diaper changing pads (bottom left), binky clips, watch faces, watch bands, mini baby clips

 Lots and lots of onesie dresses

 Watch bands

It was fun...

A good experience...

But I probably won't be doing it again...

This was my first ever show. And I did make some money but it was pretty slow going and the products I make tend to make people say "What a great idea, I'm totally going to make that". Honestly? I'll save you the trouble if you would just buy it ;)

I've come to realize that I love to make the products but selling them in person is just not my thing. The amount of inventory I had to make was quite a lot of work and with Jared working full time I came to realize just how fortunate I am that Annie naps 3 hours a day. But my home was quite neglected as was my family. So for now, I'm sticking to Etsy but I'm more than happy to do custom orders. Just hop on over to my site :)

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