Thursday, May 19, 2011

11 Months

Well I'm waaay behind on my blogging and eventually I'll get caught up but I've been super busy crafting away to keep up with my shop, my new toy (eeeeeee!!!), cute new outfits for my neighbors new baby girls and of course my brand new baby niece (I'll be showing the goods soon, I hope).

I've done quite well updating every new month for Annie's growth and it's more for me to be able to journal about it than anything else but she's so super busy these days, finding time to do anything is nearly impossible but here goes (side note: I should be in bed so disregard any nonsense that may appear).

 Annie is more than excelling these days learning different signs. I'll be honest with you though, I might think she's a prodigy but I don't know that she quite understands what she's signing. If you say the word, she'll sign it but for example, she will sign "more" even if she really doesn't want more...silly girl! But so far, we have learned: more, all done, and drink. She claps, blows kisses (more of a little rascals style wave at her mouth), waves, and even tries itsy bitsy spider.

 Don't you love these capris?!?! Poor thing is doomed to be as short as I am but they sure look cute anyway!

 Playin' on the swing with her cousin!

Annie's still a big eater. Some times it blows me away at how much she eats. I made pizza one night and she ate a piece all by herself. Maybe I'm crazy, but for someone so small, that seems like a lot of food. The only food she's turned away from so far is ketchup...I know!!!! What will she dip her food in???!? Other than that, she will eat anything you place in front of her. In the past few weeks I've started introducing her to more dairy and she is loving it. Truthfully, I'm just glad she's not allergic. I'm pretty sure that it would be a sin to be a Griffin and be allergic to milk....right Grandpa???

 Look at that grin! It's hard to say no to this, she honestly just brings so much joy into our home.

I'm sad to see her start to lose some of her outgoingness (I might have just made up that word). She still smiles and now waves at anything that looks at her but lately it seems as though she gets quite nervous and panics when Jared or I aren't present. It's a bit disconcerting, especially if we ever have hopes of leaving her with a sitter, but I'm hoping it's just a phase. I will say though, that along with her needyness comes some much loved cuddles. I LOVE her little cuddles, it just makes my heart melt.

Biggest news of all!!!! We're just about walking. By her 11 month, Annie frequently stands up all by herself and would take the occasional step. Just about a week later and she's taking 6-8 at a time!

See ya later!

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  1. She is getting so grown up, and is as darling as ever. I can't wait to see the big party you'll have when she turns 1!!!