Monday, April 11, 2011

10 Months

I can't even believe in just two short months my sweet little baby will be a one year old!

Annie is just weeks from walking. She's so quick!!! The last two days she's been getting more and more daring with her balance. Sometimes she just lets go of things and stands there for awhile. She'll take steps while you hold onto one of her hands and sometimes even tries to take a step between Jared and I.

She's still a great eater and hasn't refused anything yet!...except maybe the peaches we froze last summer but upon tasting the thawed out fruit myself, I noticed they were quite bitter (I don't blame her for spitting them out!). She's mastered the sippy cup and discovered how to drink out of a straw. One of my favorite Annie tricks becomes apparent at meal time. It's almost impossible to hold a conversation because she sings as she eats. And it's not quiet by any means. I'm not sure where she picked it up from but she just goes on and on, it's such a hoot!

Annie is all about the silly faces these days. The one pictured below is our latest favorite. She started doing it while I was out of town visiting my family and now she mimics us when we do it to her. The best is the noise she makes while pulling the face... kind of similar to a walrus or a seal.

Suddenly, she's become more involved with books. Without prompting from me she'll grab one of her books and just start flipping through the pages. I'll be so excited when she'll actually sit through a whole reading of one.

Annie still just adores her daddy. One of these days I'll have to video her reaction when he comes home. She'll hear the garage door open and just stare at the door until he peeks through the door frame. Once she sees him, she'll start to hyperventilate and beelines it to him. He'll go into the bedroom to change out of his work clothes and she'll just follow him right in.

Flying is one of her new favorite tricks....I don't even know what else to say about this...

 Annie's learned how to clap! Well sort of.... While visiting my Grandma, we noticed she would bring her hands together and wave them up and down. It wasn't until I started singing patty cake to her and she did this again that I realized this was her version of clapping. Below is a video of her doing it with my Dad.


  1. Oh my goodness Katie...what cute pictures of adorable Annie! I wish I could gooshie her right now! Your Grandma just can't quit talking about her, and your visit. I love this post!

  2. for serious. She would win a cutest baby pageant or something.