Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Christmas

 This Christmas Jared and I received one of these fabulous toys...

As a result, I've taken entirely too many videos. But the best part is I can capture pictures from the video. We've had a blast with it and I have a TON of posts to catch up on but for now here's how Christmas went...

 We started off Christmas morning with a brand new pair of shoes and mittens from Dad...for snowmobiling of course ;)

We then called Meema and Bumpa for a Christmas morning Skype video chat. I LOVE that we can do this. It was ALMOST as good as the real thing.

 After we finished opening presents at home and eating a yummy gingerbread pancake breakfast (where I learned quickly why you can't forget the baking powder...whoops), we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Griffin's house. Where Grandpa promptly took over on the babysitting, involving a laundry basket some twine, a few pillows, and lots of toys.

I don't even know how we managed to get this picture of Gabe but I'm sure glad it was captured. Lori I hope this one gets shown to the kids, I about fell over laughing so hard.

I wish I would have gotten a better picture of Great Grandpa Rix, I'd like to note his hat said "Bah Humbug". I'm pretty sure he wears this every year. Such a funny man. I'd also like to note Tony's face in the background...apparently the kids got up a little earlier than Tony liked.

 The Grandkids with all the goods...

 ...more Grandkids

 The star of our show :) Who coincidentally liked to eat the paper more than see all the fun toys she received.

 All smiles around here!

 Trying out dad's new wheelbarrow!

And a perfect ending to a perfect Christmas Day. This guy cracks me up. Earlier that day I caught him rocking out on his new play guitar...

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