Saturday, November 13, 2010

5 Months Old

5 months old already! We love our sweet little Annie. She is such a happy baby and her only demands seem to be when she's hungry. She has brought so much joy into our little family.

 She's started the cutest thing. When she gets tired she rubs her eyes and it's so sweet. Not to mention, I get the cue way before I regret not noticing she's sleepy!
 Love my little chubalou! We've started her on rice cereal once a day and she's startin' to chunk right up. Last time we weighed her she was about 14lbs!
I love bath time!!!

I had to put this one up even though she's kind of sick and that's why here eyes are red. I just had to show off her chunky little legs. The picture doesn't even do them justice but let me tell you, once the diaper comes off, her thighs triple in joke!

At 5 months Annie likes:
-rolling across the living room floor (clockwise only, we have to pick her up when she gets stuck and move her across the room)
-using her legs to stick her bum in the air
-trying to mimick the noises we make at her, so far she can click her lips
-pulling anything she can to her mouth
-grabbing your nose, chin, lips
-singing with you (though she thinks she's singing, it really more yelling while we sing, it's fabulous during relief society, it will be interesting when she decides to let loose during sacrament meeting)
-being startled (not even joking, she laughs up a storm when you scare her)
-LOVES her daddy ( he doesn't even have to do anything anymore, he just looks are her and she laughs)
-taking baths
-sucking on her thumb (yup that ones new as of two days ago, but she goes to town on that itty bitty thumb of hers)
-watching mom cook (I just pop her right in the bumbo and she'll watch me prepare the whole meal)
-looking at herself in the mirror
-looking at books
-listening to music (it sounds funny but she calms right down when I turn on the tunes)
-watching t.v. (I don't encourage it, it just captures her attention!)

At 5 months Annie dislikes:
-being hungry
-being tired
-being ignored
-having her nose wiped/picked (yes, I pick her nose...I loathe boogers)
-having the hiccups (she gets some nasty hiccups, I feel awful!)
-sitting on your lap while I update the blog (she's trying to take over the keyboard as I type)


  1. She is SO cute! She sounds a lot like Kaylee in her likes and dislikes! We need to get them together some time! And I have to say I pick Kaylee's nose too! Sometimes the tissue just doesn't get it all, or sometimes I don't even have a tissue. :) I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Regarding loves her daddy - doesn't everyone? I mean laugh when they see Jared! Sorry Jared, couldn't resist.