Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

So the only holiday I manage to decorate for (besides Christmas) is Halloween. I think it's too much fun to decorate my door all spooky. Unfortunately, Jared doesn't share my passion and since I work full time, then take over Annie when I get home from work, my front door has been neglected. I'm so sad, cause every year I have a little trick-or-treater tell me my door is sooo spooky but alas Jared wouldn't do it... humbug is all I hear from him around the holidays :(

But to make up for my sad site of a Halloween door, I do have this cute little bug to squeeze!

Not to mention this "I just couldn't help myself" photo op!


 Which was quickly followed by an "I want to eat the pumpkin" picture...gross Annie

We also made it to the Barnes Park Halloween Party this year with Jared's parents. Don't you just love their costumes. Rod is a towel joined by Annette who is a loofah, Lydia the clown, Annie the ladybug, Chase the dragon (not dinosaur, I was quickly corrected by the little tyke), Connor the pirate, and Spencer the Cowboy. No goofy commercial costumes... I love it!

Spider on Annie's head courtesy of Grandpa Rodney ;) Thanks for the fun time Grandpa & Grandpa!

 I'm pretty sure I over exhausted this outfit but I made it and it's only wearable in October so I had no choice ;) I'm going to have to make her some more of these shoes very soon...Thanksgiving....Christmas...eeeek I love having a girl!

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  1. I knew her costume would be cute. It did not disappoint. Darling. The pumpkin photo was perfect, and please pumpkin is very healthy to eat so let her lick away. K used to eat the insides of pumpkins for the first three years. It was a healthy dose of vitamin A and made the cutest photos. As for the door, there's always next year, or the year after that. Time has a way of slipping away when you are at work all day. I know.