Monday, September 20, 2010

Hand & Foot

Grandma Griffin is the Queen of Card Games. Once upon a time, two or three years ago I think, she taught my parents how to play hand and foot. We forgot the rules so we had her over for a recap. This time little Sweet Pea felt the need to be involved.

I told Jared to spite his face I was going to post this there!

This is how we shuffle when we play hand and foot

The involvement didn't last long... and yes Jared's cards are faced away from his Grandma so she couldn't "cheat"...honestly Jared is this really necessary?

so sweet...

p.s. I may not be in any of these pictures but let it be known I kicked some serious booty and came out from under everyone ;) I never win, so I have to gloat :)

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