Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Congrat's Nate!

Nothing to do with this post: A lot of people have been asking me where I got the leggings for Annie. There is a store in Bountiful called Sassy Babies but you can also find them online at Baby Legs. They are fabulous. I will be buying more ;)

 On to the post:

A couple of weekends ago Jared's little brother got married at the Bountiful temple. This was the last of the 5 siblings to get married. Here are some pics from the event...

Family Pic at the temple...


I just love how happy Jared is in this picture. She brings out the best in him.

I don't know what that tongue is all about...stinker

 The two lovebirds...


I just thought this picture was so sweet!

Love this!

Jared's whole family all married away now :)

Grandkids with the bride & groom

These sweet girls are severely outnumbered...

by all these boys! These 13 make up all of Jared's parents grandbabies. I love the personality that shows in these pictures...oh jakie :) I hope you got that face Carolyn

Isn't this cake fabulous!!!

The shoes were a must!

 Oh the walk of shame... Annie has taken to drooling quite a bit these days so Jared starting stuffing her burp rag in his back pocket. He knew I was taking this picture, that's why his shoulders are slumped. He's a dad now, this is allowed ;)


  1. I love that cake! Love Annie's outfit, all of it...the dress, the hair flower, the shoes. You do know that you have set her up for the rest of her life, needing to accessorize:)

  2. Sophie has those shoes but they never stay on! How do you get them to stay on Annie? Also, have you heard of hugg-a-luggs? They are the cutest leggings ever!