Friday, September 10, 2010

3 Months Old


I can't even believe it.

 How did we get from this....

 To this in just merely 3 months?!?!

It's been so fun watching her grow. I loved the newborn stage because she was so cuddly and sweet. Now she's a squirmy-wormy but she sings, she coos, she smiles, she laughs, she much fun!

Annie's Likes:
Standing on your lap or "flying" in the air
Playing with Dad
Singing with Dad
Being naked
Sucking on her forearm/fist
Cuddling with Mom

Annie's Dislikes:
Tummy time
Being hungry
Being swaddled
Her binky :(  <--that's my super sad face

Sleeping for 5 hours almost every night (maybe this is just a milestone for me...)
Standing on your lap
Holding her head up completely independent of help


  1. Oh man!! She is SO stinkin cute!!! I was looking at this just now and I have to tell you Travis' reaction to seeing her picture on the computer. He saw it and gasped and then said "boys come here, it's baby Annie, come here come here!" Next post she'll probably be crawling :) the first year just goes by way too fast!!

  2. You have such a cute little baby! I was going to say girl but felt you need to hold on to the Baby phase :) she's adorable, and I love the leggings in the previous post! Where did you find them?

  3. How adorable! I only had one baby out of three take a binky. Hang in there, at least that is one habit you won't have to break.:)She is growing so fast! Fun.