Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Rule

So I've been really diligent at keeping bows and headbands on little Sweet Pea's noggin. But Jared has declared a new rule.

You see Annie has this funny habit of throwing her arms around when she's throwing a fit. As a result, she often times snags her head band and knocks it right into her eyes, causing her to throw even more of a fuss. So when she's sleeping and when she's in the car seat, the headband has been banned :(

P.S. notice the Houdini skills on this young one. No matter how tight we swaddle her, she manages to squirm and grunt her arms right out!


  1. Haha she sounds like Kaylee! She always flips her headbands into her eyes and she can get out of any swaddle. Annie is adorable though!

  2. Tacey does the same thing! Consequently we have the exact same rule. Poor girl gets so sad/mad when I accidentally forget to take one off and it ends up blinding her. Can't wait to meet Annie and see you and Jen's wedding!