Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 years down the hatch!

5 Years ago this very weekend, Jared and I agreed to time and all eternity. Best decision I ever made!
I took the opportunity to scour over some wedding photos just for a look back. I feel like even in just 5 years we've both changed so much...I hope to thin out again after this baby comes!

We decided since it's our five year anniversary and the last one we would have with just the two of us that we would splurge! I've always wanted to take Jared to The Melting Pot but it's just been too expensive to just go for fun. So this was it!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, then left my phone in the car and Jared wouldn't let me take a picture with his phone so we have nothing to document it. But I found this yummy picture of the food. If you've never been. It's a must do!!!

The next day, Jared decided he didn't want to be bored so we decided to just go spend all our gift cards. We've had a few that we've just hung on to and used as we needed them but this was also a great excuse to get me on my feet and this baby out!

Then Monday was Memorial day and I had the day off so Sunday night we took Jared's truck and drove up Bountiful as far as we could go and camped out in the bed of his truck for the night. It was fun but honestly I don't know if I recommend this kind of camping trip when your 9 months pregnant. One foam pad in the back of a truck bed just doesn't do it for my poor hips.

On to baby news!

I went to the doctor today and he said I could go into labor any day now. I told him I had to wait because I have a BUNCO party to host, we laughed and he said we could go with Saturday then ;) In all seriousness though he's a bit concerned about how big the baby is...soooo instead of waiting too much longer, he's "upped" Annie's eviction notice to no later than next Thursday, June 10th!!!! Ahhh I'm going to have a baby in a week!

In lieu of the news, I've taken the last of the pregnancy photos that I care to take.

37 weeks! Ignore the state of my hair, I just got it done today and haven't styled it myself.
And just for kicks, this is my mom pregnant with us triplets! Can you believe how great she looks, no weight in her face or anything. Keep in mind too, my birthday is January 5th so this was taken right before we were born!
 Not even a swollen ankle!!!

So since I'm awful at posting more than one a week, this is probably the last you'll hear until our sweet little baby girl makes her official appearance into this world!!!!!


  1. Why wouldn't he let you take a picture with his phone??

    You look so cute pregnant! I can't believe you went camping at 9 months! Well, I flew on a plans at 39 weeks so u guess that's just as crazy! You're gonna be a mommy so soon!

  2. Can't wait for Annie's appearance. Happy 5th anniversary. I've always wanted to go there but never have an occasion to be able to rationalize spending the money. Maybe for K's graduation-six years from now:) Best of luck with everything.

  3. Katie.. you look so great pregnant. I can't believe you are already welcoming the baby girl.. 9 months flies by so quickly when it's somebody elses pregnancy. camping at 9 months, no thanks for me, i need a potty close by and a comfortable pillow.. but you are right, it's good to get out and do crazy things before a little one arrives, it's much harder to take them out on adentures.. and melting pot does look delicious. maybe we'll have to go sometime. good luck with delivery and recovery. i'm sure you will enjoy every minute of your little one.:)

  4. SO SOON!! YEAH!! Good luck with everything if I don't talk to you before hand! I can't believe you slept in the back of a truck at how far along you are! You are a trooper, Jared is lucky....tell him that :) See you soon!

  5. I can't believe it is almost time. AAAAGGGGH! I even more can't believe you went car camping 9 months pregnant. That is fantastic Kate.

    I miss you. Can't wait to see the baby girl.

  6. I can't wait to see baby Annie's cute face! Good luck with everything!