Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools and a baby update

I told you didn't I? I knew the second I hit "publish post" on my "spring is here" post that we would get snow in April. It was inevitable. This morning I woke up to this:

You can't tell unless you look close but we had about 2" of snow.

I'm not going to lie. It was quite beautiful. I do love the look of fresh snow but lets be honest. I'm ready to see the pretty flowers that I forget grow in my beautiful yard. I'm ready to be able to go on walks outside without freezing my face off. And I'm ready to be able to open the windows and smell the fresh spring air!

Enough of my rant...I just thought I would vent a little :)

Today I'm officially at 28 weeks and 1 day. I haven't had Jared take a picture in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd document it along with some of what's going on.

I feel huge

I still have 12 weeks to go (the same as 3 months if you don't want to do the math but for some reason in my head, 12 weeks sounds so much better).

I feel stretched beyond reason

Baby girl is getting so much stronger and she's growing. As a result of this growing I'm stretching. The proof is in the streaks on my poor belly. Every morning after my shower I bath my belly in baby oil and let my skin soak in as much as I can while I get the rest of myself ready for the day. By lunch, I'm walking around the house with my shirt half up, while I put more lotion on. And again before I go to bed...more lotion. It helps but boy does it itch! I tried to describe it to Jared. It's like sunburning your lips....but it's your whole belly.

My back aches more than ever

Sleeping is a challenge. You know it's sad when one of the superintendents at work notices that you look tired. I have pillows supporting my front, my head, and my back. I'm a back sleeper. This has proven to be an issue. No matter how hard I try, by morning I still end up on my back. It's being rebellious...enough already. I've started stretching a bit more and it seems to help. If I mention it to Jared he'll even massage my lower back and that helps too. I guess it's all part of the sweet package ;)

I'm happier than I've been in a long time

Every time I feel baby girl move, it brings a smile to my face. I know she's healthy, I know she's safe and warm. I'm overwhelmed at the responsibility that is coming our way. Jared went to the Jacksonhole Hill Climb last weekend and he called me one night explaining to me how much it dawned on him while he was standing on the mountain that he was about to become a dad. Tonight Jared said "Annie, quit being so mean to your mom!" (as a result of me complaining about my back). It hit me...he said mom...WHOA. She's getting stronger and stronger everyday. Today I had some pineapples and boy was she bouncin' in there. I see her little pokes and prods in my stomach everyday now and it's so fun to watch. I'm so excited to see her cute little face! All those reassuring jitters remind me that the itchy, stretched, dry skin, back aches, weight gain, and ankle swelling will all be worth it when I greet this little one face to face.

12 WEEKS!!!!!!


  1. We had even more snow than that this morning! You are looking so cute, and yes, very pregnant. You're getting closer all the time. So wish I could sympathize with the belly itching. I hear there's all sorts of good stuff for that though. This too will pass my dear....Hang in there.

  2. Hey, I recognize that yard... I was a back sleeper too, until the last weeks when the weight of my belly was too much and my body knew better. Keep drinking lots of water for that stretching, and I dunno, cocoa butter? I really liked using it. You're lookin' cute!

  3. Katie, you are looking so adorable! Your going to be a great sound ready :) But I do have to say..hang in only gets worse, as far as the stretching and aching goes. BUT, we (women) can do it, and it's a fantastic experience!

  4. you look so cute! :) You handle being pregnant well! I love the shirt on you too! and thank you for the updates I love reading about whats going on.