Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Baby!

18 weeks and finally a picture! I've been meaning to take pictures every week but it's not really worth it until you actually start showing. Honestly at this point, I really still just feel fat but I got a good swift kick from the inside this morning so there must definitely be baby in there!

Some people have been asking how the pregnancy has been going and for some, I know you'll be totally uninterested but that's why I'm posting it at the end, if you could care less, I hope you enjoyed the picture!

So for the first trimester I really lucked out. I mean really. I didn't throw up once, not once. Given, if you know me at all you know that I just don't throw up anyway. You'll catch me pacing a room and taking deep breaths before I go hang over a toilet. The last time I threw up I think I was in 8th grade and it was because of food poisoning. So the worst it got was a little bit of nausea if I waited too long to eat.
Beyond that I think the symptoms are pretty average, I smell EVERYTHING and to be honest it's more annoying than anything...can we please just for the sake of pregnant women make sure we go easy on the perfume?!?! honestly...
I was also really really fatigued in the first few months. I seriously fell dead asleep on the couch while Jared and our friends were playing a loud game of cards at the table... I don't remember a thing! This happened on more than one occasion and I was pretty embarrassed to say the least...what a party pooper!
Zits, lots of zits! NOT OK WITH ME! I've been one of those lucky few that rarely ever got zits all through high school and now it seems that if I so much as touch my face, there's a zit there the next day. What happened to the pregnancy glow?

So that was the first trimester, now that I'm in the second trimester everything but the zits has gone away. And at first it made me sad because I couldn't feel the baby yet so I was nervous that something was wrong. I get pains every now and then in the ligaments in my hips (I've been told it's just stretching, preparing for more room); and if I sit still (or drink some Coke to get rid of a headache) I can feel the baby moving. Such a relief!

My next doctors appointment is on Tuesday and my big ultrasound appointment is February 4th and I honestly can't wait. We decided we're going to find out what the baby is (mostly for my sanity, why wait? we have the technology!). I've already got plans for the nursery and tonight I started prepping it for painting (I had to remove some vinyl lettering, and sand down an awful line left because the last owner two-toned the walls and there was a big bump where the two colors met). It's ready to be taped and painted, I'm SOOO excited to see the final product. No worries, I'll post pictures when I've had it painted.


  1. I couldn't be more happy to see this picture and hear about how you're doing! :) You're just lovely. So glad you're feeling well!

  2. Ahh... your post reminds me of my first time around. I was SO flippin excited about that ultrasound. I agree with you--why wait to find out who's in there?! I'm glad the first trimester has been pretty good for you! :)

  3. For me the zits thing happened both times around in the first trimester. With Carson it was gone by trimester two. This time however, they haven't gone away. From that I'm guessing your having a girl, but am so excited you'll find out for sure February 4th! Totally cute preggo pic by the way! Wish we were closer and could be preggo together!

  4. You're looking adorable. I can't wait to see your nursery. I know it's going to be amazing!

  5. You are the cutest little pregnant woman! So happy for you!