Saturday, December 5, 2009

Boise Fun!

Well this trip most definitely happened in October but I've been so crazy busy that I haven't had the chance to post any pictures from it. If you've followed by blog for awhile you know that once a year I get together with my mum and we meet half way (aka Boise), get a hotel room, and craft the weekend away!
Typically we play with cards and stamp sets but I've had some sewing to do so we decided I would snag my MIL's sewing machine, bring my own and utilize my Mum's sewing skills and help me whip out these totes! Here is a little bit of what the room looked like!

Lots of fabric! So glad the Ben Franklin in Roy had a liquidation sale!!!

And of course what is a girls trip if we can't have something to show from it. I saw these CUTE aprons and figured they would be PERFECT for our little trip. So I found the fabric and we whipped out these little cuties!

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  1. I'll wait 'til you get here so we can wear them together! I'm thinking we may need to have a springtime get-together as well . . . ;)