Thursday, May 21, 2009

[Insert Husband of the Decade Title Here]

I am quite possibly the luckiest girl on the planet! For my birthday last January Jared announced that his gift to me would be to make me a craft room. I was ecstatic! So I told him what I wanted and a few of the storage solution ideas that I had and he put it all together and designed it. Here are the pictures:

This actually has nothing to do with Jared. I snapped these pictures of sunflowers we grew up in Logan last year and have always wanted to frame and hang them. I couldn't think of any better spot than on a yellow wall in a craft room!

Jared wanted to put a corner cabinet in here but my only request was that nothing had doors. I like to see what I have available to me. That way, since I can see it, it gives me incentive to keep it organized and clean and I know exactly what I have...nothing gets lost in the clutter.

The point of this picture isn't to show off my organizer but to show off this table leg. It may mean nothing to just any person but Jared actually hand spun and carved out these legs himself. The talent he has never ceases to amaze me.

The cubes were actually my idea. He wanted to make them all connected and it would have been worlds easier for him to make them had he done so but I'm so glad we did it this way because it gives me extra storage space between the cubes!

I love pegboard and about 3 years ago I saw a craft room with pegboard in a magazine and I tore out the page and saved it all those years so that I wouldn't forget the fabulous idea. Jared ( I mean Santa) put pegs in my stocking this Christmas and I wasn't quite sure's like opening the paper before you open the new stamp set ;) (miss ya mom!)

Magnet board! Making Memories has these fabulous magnetic storage solutions and I thought it was too much fun so instead of doing 2 pegboard frames we did 1 pegboard and the other magnetic.

Ribbon storage!!! I actually made these. I just went to the craft store and picked up some shelves, painted them black, drilled holes in them and stuck a dowel through it. I made 3 of them and Jared thought I was nuts. He told me I wouldn't have enough ribbon to fill them all up...oh little does he know ;) As you can see in previous pictures and in pictures below I had no problem at all. Now I wish I had made 4! Side note...the jars pictured above are fabulous for storing ribbon pieces when you just need some scrap!

Here is a full view of it all put together and I LOVE IT! He also built the desk from scratch and made the countertop and all. He made the desk high enough so that I could stand and make my crafts at the same time.

Seriously?!?! How can you not smile when you enter this room? All that's left to do is get a stool from the DI, a scentsy candle to get rid of the smell of lacquer and some serious "me" time in my brand new craft room!


  1. This is so nicely done that it looks like a store display. You have always been amazing and you have a amazing husband to go with it! Congratulations

  2. Wow!!! That is so cool!! It looks beautiful! :) This makes me so excited to have our own place!

  3. Wow!!! That is so cool!! It looks beautiful! :) This makes me so excited to have our own place!

  4. Holy Crap woman you weren't kidden when you said you had a craft room! Craft night anyone!!!! HOLLER!

  5. NO. WAY! I've been contemplating turning our guest room into a craft room and painting it yellow! now that i've seen yours i'm totally going for it.

    what a dream room. and a dream husband!

  6. Absolutely Beautiful! I wish I were more like you with the "no doors" thing. Mine is more like, "the more doors the better" so I can just shove things in and quick close the door before it all falls out on me!

  7. This turned out amazing! I'm jealous of the custom build. Enjoy the time you have right now to get in there and craft away. One day, you may not have as much time to spend in your gorgeous room:)

  8. I am so so so jealous! This is such a great craft room! i love it!!! Maybe I can have you help me with my new craft room!!!! You did good girl!

  9. Way to go Jared. The finished product is beautiful! Lucky you, Katie!

  10. That is awesome! I always love to see the rooms that people get creative in. Parts that I love are how they organize all this unruly stuff. But to have it all be still my heart! Quite a catch you got on that guy!! ;) What a beautiful room.