Thursday, April 30, 2009

Snowmobiling with Mom & Dad

One of mine and Jared's favorite pastimes during the winter is going snowmobiling. How can you not when the snow is so great and it's so close too! When my parents came to visit for conference weekend we knew we had a prime opportunity to take them snowmobiling. With fresh snow from the weekend we headed up Farmington Canyon to go for a morning ride.

I love my dad...he was so funny. He caught on pretty quick and before you knew it was boondocking the sled in the field! (FYI Boondocking: riding on one ski) Dad, just so you know...Jared's friends were very impressed at how daredevil you were on that 700.

This is my sled...they've dubbed it the "inceptiho" used to be called the incepticide but they got a new hood and for some reason thought the new name fitting...I don't complain, I just ride. It's only a 480 so it's much easier to drive. With that in mind, I let my mom have a go...look how cute she is!

This was me standing in the middle of a huge field while mom and dad played on the sleds. I'm really just showing off my awesome new helmet :) What a fun day! I'm glad you guys could make it out and thanks for being brave and coming with us snowmobiling!


  1. Looks like so much fun. So jelouse. I so want to go on one. Some day :) Hope all is well. Have a great day.

  2. It WAS a blast. Note to those who don't know . . . this IS a sport! I was sore all over! Good exercise.

    Thanks, Kate & Jared for a great time!

  3. Jeff found someone in the papers section and he was dirt cheap so we got them dug up today. YEA!!! He came over and looked at them and then said Ill charge you this and I will do it right now. So Jeff went a head and did it.He took like 10 min. He made it look so easy after we had dug all around the tree's lol.