Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Parties

I know it's past Christmas but I've got to catch up on what you all missed. This Christmas was full of parties. All in one weekend we hit both sides of Jared's family...sorry no pictures from the Rix party. But the pictures below are from the Griffin Party. We had an ugly sweater contest. I wish I could get a good picture of Jared's. He found some battery powered Christmas Lightes and poked them through his sweater...too funny. Next year a red turtleneck for Jared and black stirrup leggings for me ;)

Jared and I decided to host a Christmas party of our own this year. As usual I went way overboard with what I wanted to have done before the party so it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but I have some cute craft ideas for you below.
We've had a giftcard for Pier1 with money left over from our wedding (3 years ago) so we decided to go to Pier1 and buy some glass goblets. Now this idea is actually meant for people who are going to be needing their drinks more than once in a night (typically for drinkers but it's too cute to pass up). I made little pendants for each goblet using Copper wire and some beads I thought were cute. All I did was a little bit of wire wrapping and voila! They were pretty quick to whip out and easily removable for washing. I loved how they turned out.
Here's a couple pictures of how the table was decorated too...I had these fun little presents (no I did not make them, you'd have to be insane...way too small) and bells that I just scattered on the table. I then filled some candle glasses a little over half way with red glittery styrofoam ball filler and stuck a red candle on top.
I don't have a picture of the card I sent out for the invitation on this computer but it turned out WAY cute. It will be posted on here once I get it up.


  1. so cute. you are so creative. sorry to hear about your grandparents.

  2. cute. I've seen the drink things done before but with charms. Darling idea. Someday I'll have a house I can actually throw a dinner party at, well at least I keep hoping. Gorgeous table. Missing you so much. I have gifts waiting for you, so we will have to figure out a time to get together and have fun. Guess what? I got Dance Dance Revolution for Christmas, and K has snowboarding lessons on Saturdays. Tempting huh?