Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

So I know it's November 3rd but this has been one crazy weekend....weddings, Super Saturdays, Jared with the flu, and preparations for a workshop on wednesday all comes to no time for me. So here's a quick post of our Halloween fun.
We carved pumpkins the night before Halloween, I painted my pumpkin black before I carved it and then touched it up afterwards...and it's a cat, not a skunk (Jared thought that was pretty funny). I just had to manipulate the template a bit to make it fit on my squatty pumpkin. And as usual, Jared out does us all with a fancy looking goblin.

We also decorated the door. And unfortunately it only looked really cool at night. I took one with and without the flash in the hopes that you would be able to see the coolness but apparently that isn't easy at night. Anyway, I put green tissue paper over the light so our front porch glowed a lime green color, we had spider webs EVERYWHERE, I made a huge spider egg's in the top right corner and we put spiders crawling out and all over the webs, and we had little purple rice lights. Needless to say, I was quite satisfied...about 50 or so trick-or-treaters later, we called it a night.

Hope everyone had a fun night!!


  1. Love the pumpkins. Sorry Jared was sick. Cute decorations, and we loved the cookies. You were an inspiration. I didn't take photos of the goodies we made. I forgot. I know I'm losing it. Way too much to do!

  2. Cute decorations and pumpkins. Did a fantastic job.