Friday, October 17, 2008

So Excited!!!

Yay for mother/daughter weekends!!! This picture was actually taken 3 years ago but I just found it and it's one of my favorites! This weekend is opening weekend for the deer hunt. Jared left this morning at a quarter to six and I woke up and started work at 5AM so I can catch a flight to Boise to meet half-way with my mum. We try and get together when Jared goes to deer camp and the order for the weekend is this: Make cards, eat dinner at the melting pot, make cards, go to sleep, wake up, shower, make more get the point.
I get to pop out my Christmas cards in one weekend, make all the cards I'm hopefully going to need for awhile, and spend some quality time with my mum!
Once I get back, I'll be posting pictures of the cards we made on my site so be looking for them sometime next week!


  1. How fun! I am so jealous. I love your mom. Hope you guys have a great time together!

  2. Just so you know Mom loves me the most because I wasn't an accident. Second when did you turn all Martha Stewart? Third I voted for you because you rock. And finally did you know that I go to church at the singles ward with someone that baby sat us in Renton? How jacked is that? I always call her baby sitter and I think mom wants me to date her....weird.
    <3 Neal