Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Graduation!!

Well he did it. Even up to the last week of school Jared said that he might not graduate college but here it is. The day finally came and now we are two happy college graduates. I graduated back in December Majoring in Marketing with a Minor in Business Information Systems and Jared Graduated May 2nd with a Dual Major, one in Finance, and one in Economics. He looked so darn cute in his cap and gown that I had to post a picture.

To celebrate the occasion we had a bunch of friends and family come up to Logan for a barbeque. I was recently taught how to make fondant that actually tastes good that I made this cake for Jared...ps I'm quite proud for it being my first cake ;)


  1. Love the cake. I sure miss you guys. You must post how the cruise was.

  2. It looks great, you did a great job, congrats to Jared.