Saturday, March 22, 2008

My latest craft project was taught to me by our local bead store (Beadles if you didn't know) and I was so excited to do these. They look really complicated but didn't take me long at all. I did the green and pink one one the airplane and at the airport. And the pearl one I just did in my spare time (which I don't have). My sister in law just barely had her little girl and has a big time crush on lime green anything. I figured I wouldn't ever get the chance to make something lime green, so in leau of the new born I made her this green bracelet.

Now my brother and sister already have a little girl that is 7 years old. I wanted to make sure that she knew she wasn't being forgot with this new baby being born. So the result is this pink bracelet which was way fun because I got to use a lot of "princess" sparkly beads.

This last bracelet was the one I actually started with and learned how to make these...not suprising it was the last one to be finished.

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  1. Katie!! Those are adorable! :) How are things going? O by the way, we changed our blog website to Hope you enjoyed general conference! :)